About the Site

Early Days

Harringay Stadium was a greyhound and speedway racing venue that was demolished in 1987 along with the ice rink and boxing arena next door, to make way for the Arena Shopping Park.

Residential homes were constructed along the south and east sides of the Arena Shopping Park, forming Finsbury Park Avenue, Surrey Gardens and Wiltshire Gardens.

A steep bank running along the south and east sides of the Arena Shopping Park was left undeveloped.

Harringay Stadium from above in 1945, image courtesy of Google Earth

Current View

The Harringay Stadium Slopes surrounding the Arena Shopping Park on the South and East Sides

The Harringay Stadium Slopes remains undeveloped, and is the home of many established trees as well as bushes and scrub.

It stretches from the Overground rail line to the north, down between Finsbury Park Avenue to the west and the Arena Design Centre, Crusader Industrial Estate, and Omega Works to the east. The ‘Slopes then head west sandwiched between Hermitage Road to the south and Finsbury Park Avenue to the north.


The dark green shaded L-shaped area is the Harringay Stadium Slopes. The light green strip running horizontally along the top is the Tottenham Railsides, another SINC. The north east corner of Finsbury Park (also a SINC) is shaded in red.